Thursday, March 19, 2009

Confessions of a Shop-a-holic

Today Ms. Dancer and I went to a local event that we have tried to go to for three years. It has taken us that long to get our shit together and get a day to go. Obviously this is what being unemployed gets you, a ton of free time. So Ms. Dancer and I went the Rodium Emporium about a mile from my house which was described as an outdoor flea market. A lot of the stuff there was not the quality from the old flea markets back home but I did manage to find this great antique fan which I could not resist.

I loved its clean art deco lines and the fact that it was built of heavy solid steel. I am going to put it in the computer room to help me keep cool in the summer months and it can double as a piece of art because it is just so damn pretty.

We also visited several thrift stores and then found a new resale book store. I loved the small family owned feel and the old paperback book smell the store had. I found this great old leather bound copy of “Withering Heights”. I have slowly been collecting the classics in leather bound whenever I could afford one. The best news about this purchase is that it was free, I had brought a stack of old books that I had planned to trade in. So for a stack of books I no longer wanted I got a book I can cherish. I now have about 30 and I plan to do this my entire life. My hope is one day to have a whole library of leather bound books that I have read and love.

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