Saturday, March 7, 2009

Breakdown Of My Near Breakdown

The mad dash to get things done for the shower continues and I thought I would share some of the preparations.

9:30 AM – Leave to pick up Ms. Little for our outing
3:10 PM – Arrive back at the house to use the remainder of the daylight hours with Ms. Sweetie helping to finish the weeding at the house
4:25 PM – Let Mr. Rogue know that I have invited Ms. Sweetie and her man over for dinner since she is giving me all this free manual labour
6:55 PM – Realize that there is still WAY to much to do and accept Ms. Sweetie’s offer to just have dinner another time so I can get more done
6:57 PM – Learn that Mr. Rogue has invited Mr. and Mrs. Rambo over to the house for dinner also because the more the merrier
6:59 PM – Re-invite Ms. Sweetie and dash out the door to shop for the party and for something to feed the guests tonight
7:50 PM – After the fastest grocery shopping spree on the planet where I almost broke an 80 year old woman’s hip with my mad dashing around the store arrive at home in time to stuff the groceries in the cabinet and start dinner. Brats and hot dogs CLASSY
8:10 PM – Get a text from Mrs. OC’s husband that the spelling that he gave me for his soon to be born child was incorrect and as I curse because now I have the incorrect spelling of the baby’s name in big fabric letters from Anthropologie I now need to fit another thing into my list of things to do tomorrow.
9:50 PM – Bid my guests good night and bake both the cupcakes and the chocolate chip cookies
12:20 AM – Finish with the baking only to sit down at my computer and realize that my wonderful Mr. Rogue has accidentally deleted the baby game I had made for the shower
2:30 AM – Finish recreating the baby game and stagger off to bed happy that the list finally got completed for the day.

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