Thursday, March 26, 2009

Big Weight Of Useless Flesh

I am finally back home from my unexpected trip to Michigan and although I did not have access to the Internet I made sure to make time to keep up with my nightly blogging so you will see a back-up of the days uploaded today in a big batch. It is good to be home, back in my own bed with my own things. It is easier to begin the healing process and sink into a familiar routine. I think all the water has been cried out and then replenished by the mountain of water that I drank. I am sure I will be peeing every 20 minutes for the next few days. Of course it would have been easier starting the healing process in a clean house. But when I walked in the door the place was a disaster. That is the trouble with me going away for any length of time, this trip it was 6 days. When I am gone nothing seems to get done right and unfortunately my nature just can’t let it sit there for one more day. SO even though I was so exhausted I thought I would drop after getting to bed last night at 1:30am and getting up at 3:00am for my 10 hour trip home I, upon entering my messy house, changed and began to put right the past 6 days of neglect. I am convinced that the world would go to hell if all the women died tomorrow from some terrible genetic disease. Men would not be long in extinction behind us.

I was proud that I managed to get home with all the crystal intact, a feat that I was not sure I was going to be able to do. I had it all packed carefully in a bag wrapped triple time in bubble tape and I made sure to keep my eyes pealed for any catastrophe that could perhaps cause any harm to my precious cargo, I am pretty sure that if there were any danger that I would have thrown my body in its path to save my breakable memories. That bag full of crystal was so heavy I am not sure that my right arm will ever recover from what seems to be permanent numbness. That bag was so heavy and I had to cart it across the ENTIRE airport to make my connecting flight in Cleveland. After about 30 steps it cut off all the circulation. Right now my arm is like a big weight of useless flesh that I drug around the house all day. I guess I will get out of doing the dishes forever if the feeling does not come back.

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lilmansworld said...

im thinking there is a planet that men are temporarily removed from so they can learn not to care of such things as cleanliness: then they are dropped here on earth. god love em

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