Saturday, March 28, 2009

BBBS 9 – Santa Monica Beach

One of the things that Ms. Little and I had issues with initially is trying to decide what to do. She was so shy and I was so hesitant in choosing what would be fun that inevitably we stumbled a little with our first few outings. One of the many pieces of great advice our match specialist gave was to make a list of things that I thought would be fun and that I wanted to do together and her to make her own list of what she thought would be fun. This has been a great helping tool for us. Now instead of sitting on the phone attempting to get her to agree to something or frantically trying to find something for us to do the day before we have a list to go off of. One outing is hers and then the next one is mine.


Today we are going to ride bikes on the beach. I decided to go to the Santa Monica beach because I know Ms. Little’s attention span is super short and because I thought after the inevitable 30 min bike ride that she would get bored and there is a ton of other things to do at the Santa Monica beach, in particular the super cool pier. It was wonderful cruising in the sunshine. It was a perfect California day, 80 degrees with a wonderful light breeze and not a cloud in the sky. We raced, we almost collided into a few things and people, and we coasted in silence soaking in the air and the sunshine. I was however so right about Ms. Little’s attention span. After 25 minutes she was done racing and wheeling down the beach so we returned the rented bikes and walked to the pier.

On the pier we had ice cream (our favourite thing that we do almost every single time we hang out) we watched performances from the street artists and then we toddled off to the mini fair that has a permanent residence. Since we were short on time and since I was not in the mood to put my life into the not so sturdy machinery we decided to ride the Farris Wheel and then call it a day. On the ride we could see for miles and I got my favourite photo of the day.


Sometimes it is hard being a Big. It is hard to give up the time and the expense is also tough to keep up. Generally I spend between 30-50 dollars not including gas on an outing. And then two to three outings a month it does add up. However I am proud to be a big and I am excited with the level of trust and friendship that I see growing on both sides of this relationship.


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