Saturday, March 7, 2009

BBBS 8 - Coraline

Because I had a MILLION and one things to do today times INFINITY was not allowed to interrupt my plans with Ms. Little. I have vowed that no matter what is going on with my life that I will not ever if at all possible tell her that I will do something and then not follow through. Unless there was a real emergency I was not going to cancel, and me being a complete butthead and not prioritizing my list of things to do for tomorrow was not an emergency that was me being stupid. So after only getting 3 hours of sleep last night I got dressed this morning and was off to take my little to breakfast and then see Coraline.

Time with Ms. Little is still a bit hard and rocky sometimes. There are moments when we are having so much fun and the world could not be a better place for one of her smiles, but then there are moments of uncomfortable silence when I search for yet another topic or thing to do to keep us occupied. It is really hard getting to know someone who is so reserved, so hesitant to open up, so used to living only in survival mode and less of being a trusting happy kid. In those moments I curse the system that has created the situation she finds herself in. But I have to remember what my match specialist (the person working at BBBS who monitors our relationship) said “That you need to be very careful not to try and be this kids fairy god mother, there is no way you can fix all their problems. But you can be a great guiding mentor and create an influence in her life to make her reach higher than she would have without you.” I think that is the hardest thing about this program to sit back and help only as much as you should and not try to sweep in and make everything how you would want your child to be raised. At least I know I am doing something, I console myself with that.

So after brunch at IHOP we were off to see Coraline, a movie by Tim Burton one of my all time favourite directors. The movie was in 3D which Ms. Little was super excited about, and although there was something missing and although I loved the dark feel and there was much of the mysterious imagery that I loved from Time I did not think this was one of Mr. Burtons best movies by a long mile. When I got home I started to look up reviews of the movie and IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I found out that Tim Burton was not the director/creator it was Henry Selick who had worked with Tim Burton in the past on a Nightmare before Christmas which explained the Tim Burton’s feel of the movie. I was relived that my favourite director had not let me down and now that I am not holding the film up to my normal standards of what I was expecting from such an amazing director I will be watching Selick’s career for more movies as I think this was a very promising start for a new director.

One of the tricks that I have used so Ms. Little is not sad to see me go but what makes us part in giggles is that once I pull up to the curb at her house we say “One, Two, Three!” and we both scramble out of the car and race up the drive to see who can win by getting to the front door first. I inevitably come up last which delights Ms. Little and we both leave smiling. Today however I was not wearing the appropriate ‘Mad dash for the door’ shoes so our race ended up with me tripping over my own two feet, which caused me to fall, which caused me to trip Ms. Little, which caused both of us to be sprawled out on the drive laughing hysterically. It is in these moments that I know I am doing well and I am happy to have such a cute kid as a little sister.


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