Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Bachelor

So I watched the last episode of The Bachelor this year, because I am a jobless hussy and that is what jobless hussies do, they sit around all day and watch mindless TV as they eat bon bon’s. I as well as many many millions of people who watch this show couldn’t believe how all of this turns out. I thought it was weird, heartbreaking, and I don’t even know why I am still watching this but after yesterday I still had to watch the final episode today. These bachelors must be required to sign a contract to create a situation to trump the last years show. It is either that or maybe they offer a bonus to the person who makes the most news and creates the most controversy. Jason in this case has managed to do all of the above and I believe he is getting a big fat bonus.

I hate the part of the show where the “Women tell all” I did not get ANYTHING out of that other than watching back clips of things I already saw and listening to catty bitchy girls be catty and bitchy. I am curious in the last episode after watching the first after the rose episode if they shot the Deanna footage after the proposal, in order to make Jason’s wrong decision partially to blame on Deanna. I mean Jason deserves to get some use out of her after what she did to him last season and they way she asked him back, it just did not seem sincere, it was to cold and matter of fact. I thought there should have been more begging if it was real. Maybe with Deanna throwing herself on the floor messing up her perfectly manicured veneer as she grovelled.

I was trying to reserve final judgement until after tonight’s episode because it has been 12 weeks which is like 12 years in a reality TV world. Initially I was so ANGRY with this stupid man, but after tonight’s show I can see his sincerity. I mean how many people get a bucket of 30 girls to choose from, how many people get bombarded with gorgeous women all telling them that they love this one man, all competing over your affection, and you have the ultimate power to tell them to go take a hike without even worrying about being alone because there is a line of women behind that one you just kicked to the curb. I can see how you can fall in love with two people at one time because each relationship I have had have all been different types of loves. In general I think we need to give this particular scumbag a little slack.

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