Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When Bones Creak

We went skiing two days ago and I was happy to say I did well, I did not fall excessively, and it was a great day. I felt good coming home if not just a little tired. Today I woke up and to my dismay my knee is creaking. And I mean creaking in a “Screw you I am refusing to get out of bed because you BROKE ME” kind of creaking. My knee is obviously on strike and all I can say is it can have the next few days off but it better be back in commission for Saturday because I am taking it skiing again. And then it can go back on strike for a few days until the big ski trip next weekend at Mammoth. Under absolutely no circumstances is it allowed to strike on non strike days or I just may go berserk. There are knee replacements you know. Right knee consider yourself warned.

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