Friday, February 13, 2009

The Wedding Recap: The Park

Between the wedding ceremony at the church and the reception at the hall the wedding party were able to sneak off with the limo and the photographer to do some quick shots at a nearby park that was on the way between locations. I am SO happy that we were able to do this since the fall season is what I consider the most beautiful time of the year I was excited to show some of natures dazzling colors. These shots ended up being some of my favourites of the day.

I was so excited about this shot for so many reasons. I love the fact that the bridesmaid dresses worked so well with the colors of the trees in the background, I love the fact that the reflections show up in the water of us, and I really liked the staggered couple feel of the composition of us all.

Mr. Rogue and I were just hanging out here before the photographer had even alerted us to his presence. This is such a natural reflective shot, and I adore the weeping willow (it is my favourite tree) I think it in the background really adds to the shot.

This photo was staged and although I felt pretty uncomfortable making out with my husband while being photo I think the kiss turned out to look quite innocent and I loved the pale yellow lighting in the background giving the whole shot a very romantic feel.

I wish I could remember what was so funny in this shot, I think for some reason it had to do with me dragging around a fortune as a dress and I was trekking through wet grass and dirt and mud and I did not give a damn, usually I am quite fastidious about my clothes and shoes. We both look so happy and natural in this shot. Again I thank god we choose a photo journalist instead of a traditional photographer so we have tons of real moments like this captured.

I love this shot of all the groomsmen, and although they all did not seem to be able to be in the air at the same time I still like the dynamism and fun of this shot.

I know it feels like a whirl wind, how you feel like you have no time to add anything into your wedding day, but if you are getting married I would strongly suggest you grab a little piece of the day just for you and your wedding party. You will not regret it.

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