Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Wedding Recap: Moments Part 2

The reception was a whirlwind of people and duties and I could barely have time to pause and take a breath. I am glad for a few hints that other brides had passed on. One was to build in time in the wedding schedule for some quick little trips out of the busy room to freshen up or to just skip away with your new husband. Another piece of advice was to make sure that if you are wearing a veil to put your chin down when you went to give someone a hug, otherwise the persons arm goes around the back of your head and tightens your veil almost ripping your hair out with the millions of bobby pins the hairdresser will use to secure it. Another was to not sweat the small stuff, to not become a nitpicky bride and to just roll with the punches, you will be much happier because things will INEVITABLY go wrong.

So here are moments from the reception that I found memorable.

Mr. Rogue and I could not stop holding hands and touching as if we could not believe it were real and because there were so many things going on it was almost as if we drew on each others strength. I know that I felt so much more comfortable at his side working through the evening together and stealing many little kisses.


We cut the cake the second we walked into the hall after being announced. I wanted to streamline a lot of the formal activities so we could attempt to eat at least part of our meal. We managed to cut the cake and not get messy while gently feeding each other the cake, there was no face cake smashing for us. Even while we are kissing in this shot you can see we are holding hands.


We decided to do a formal head table even though I knew there were some people that would not be happy (especially those who had brought dates that they could not sit with). I was laughing so much and so happy and I love this shot of me laughing as Mr. Rogue smiles into the camera.


So the maid-of-honour did her toast and even though I told her not to bawl like a baby she ended up doing exactly that, of course I also bawled like a baby which I vowed not to do so I guess we were even. I remember trying to get her to cut her speech short because I was so afraid she was not going to make it, but after a few deep breaths to calm her nerves she managed to give a killer speech. I love her so much!


My father and I are very alike in so many ways and we are very close. With me being the only daughter my father was super protective of me. My dad looked so happy today and I am so grateful that I could always depend on him to make all my monsters disappear and protect me. Now I have two wonderful men in my life that will keep me safe.


Our wedding dance to ‘At Last’ wasn’t the dance we had practiced, we ended up just swaying gently to the music and smiling into each others eyes. I remember pausing and saying to myself that this moment, this second in time, it does not get any better than this. I remember thinking I was the luckiest woman in the world, and I am happy to say I still think that I found the best man for me.


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