Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Wedding Recap: Moments Part 1

There were so many wonderful special moments on the big day, moments that I wrote notes down Sunday morning before brunch so I could post about it later. Those moments that are so strong and then fade over time, I wanted to remember them in detail. Here is a recap of the first part of the day.

I was in my room, my maid-of-honour had spent the night with me and I remember all my bridesmaids getting there to dress and put on makeup together. I was so excited, like a little kid on Christmas Eve and I remember stopping to take a deep breath every so often, deep breaths so I did not faint, laugh, or burst into tears. I am not typically a very in public emotional person and there was just so much emotion boiling under the surface. I am really glad the photographer got a shot like this because it really tells how I was trying to hold it all together and just enjoy.


In the limo on the way to the church I felt like Cinderella with my big poofy dress and all done up. I was super calm on the way to the church because I knew I was on my way to marry my soul mate.


At the church we had about an hour to take photos and the day although a bit chilly was a pristine day. There was a beautiful lake behind the church with a forest in the background and we got a lot of great shots with me and my girls. I love this one although not all of my bridesmaids are in the shot because we all look so happy and so happy like we were a bunch of super heroes out to take over the world.


Because we were having so much fun outside with the super power feeling and all we ended up going a bit past schedule and I wanted to make sure I made it back to the church before the limo pulled up. Lifting my spotless skirts high I ran back to the building just in time to miss the limo.


I held everything pretty well together all morning, so well that I did not let my perfect control slip, I think all that control finally broke when I was with my father behind the closed church doors waiting for our cue to exit. I remember my father asking me if I was ok, if I was nervous and really I was fine, I was fine that is until the pianist started playing the wedding march. Then I felt a crack in the control and I knew I was in trouble.


My first look at Mr. Rogue and I knew everything was going to be ok, even though I had a crack in my control over my roiling emotions I just knew that I would be safe if I could just get to him as fast as possible. I think I may have dragged my dad a little faster than we were supposed to go and I did in all fairness try to keep an even cadence I just don’t know how well I succeeded.


The wedding vows were so hard for me, I decided that I was not going to try and envision the wedding vows that I wanted them to be heartfelt and not rehearsed so I never looked at the paper the minister gave us of what we were going to say to each other. As I vowed to love and to cherish I completely lost any semblance of control and barely managed through the tears to get through the rest of the ceremony. I cried so much that Mr. Rogue started to cry and then the minister voice started to crack. I remember Mr. Rogue grabbing my hands to give me strength, I remember the minister reaching over and grabbing my other hand, I remember the love I felt in the room, and I remember all the raw emotion I felt as I gave my heartfelt vows.


Walking down the isle I was elated, we had finally gotten married and we were ecstatic. I particularly love the smirk of joy on Mr. Rogues face and my brilliant happiness looking into the camera.

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