Monday, February 9, 2009

The Wedding Recap: The Little Details

Over the next few days I am going to recap the wedding day, something that I have been putting off for a while but now that the photos are back from the photographer I now have images to refer to.

I love that my photographer shot details of my dress instead of the whole thing on the hanger like I have seen in so many other bride albums. I appreciate these little snippets taken as the day progressed and I like the artistic feel of these shots.

I was not sure what I wanted the guests to throw when we walked out of the church. I was thinking about having them blow bubbles but I decided in the end to have them throw rose petals in multiple colors. What a wonderful idea and we got two of my favourite shots of the day.

I adore this shot of Mr. Rogue and I holding hands, looking so very happy, the fact that our groomsmen were lined up on one side and our bridesmaids on the other and the action shots of all the flowers in the air.

Here my niece and flower girl is caught in the act of regathering the beautiful flowers from the floor. Like a kid in a candy store I love her expression of ownership with her piercing blue eyes and her flower tiara askew.

The paper in our wedding also got some attention. I was happy with how the colors worked together and how wonderful our logo and name in cranberry looked against the pale shimmery cream and baby blue background.

Our couple toasting glasses were Waterford Wishes Love and Romance Flutes and I was so happy the photographer had captured this shot of them on our table with the cake and candles in the background.

One thing I loved about the hall was that it had a very romantic Italian feel so I was adamant about using a lot of candlelight. This shot captured the mood that I was hoping to portray in the room and I was terribly happy that it succeeded.

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