Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Wedding Recap: Family

I was so thankful to have such a large wedding with so many of my closest family members. One of the main reasons I decided on a large wedding instead of a destination wedding was for my family, so they could be there to celebrate with us, because family becomes more important and special the older I get.

My parents and I are constantly holding hands or talking close with our heads bent together or rubbing each others sore neck muscle. My parents have always shown their love freely in front of me so I come from a family not afraid to show their love in public. When I was growing up I thought nothing of holding my fathers hand or giving my mother a big hug, this type of public displays of affection were indicative of my life at home and I grew up constantly touched, and not in a creepy icky way but in a nice I love you way. I think that was the hardest thing when I moved away to Pittsburgh for college is the constant love and dedication of your family there for you whenever you needed help or a hug or a big smack in the head because you are totally screwing up. Growing up is hard but my love for my mother can be seen in our mannerisms when we are around each other.


One of the largest reasons we decided to have the wedding in Michigan instead of where Mr. Rogue grew up is because I am a 30 year old with three surviving grandparents. Grandparents that are too old to travel but who would love to see me married. I was so happy they were able to make it to the wedding.

This is a shot of my mothers parents my grandma as always is so smiley and happy and my grandfather as always is grumpy and scowling. I am glad I got a photojournalist for the wedding; he really managed to capture feelings and actual moments of the day without the staged photography in most weddings. I don’t think I would have gotten this shot in a staged shot and I really appreciate this photo as one of my favourites of my grandparents, because it is who they really are.


My fathers parents and I are VERY close, sadly my grandmother has passed away. She was the one that spoiled me, that showered me with love, that loved me best of all, and I was so sad that she could not be here on the big day. I spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s house growing up particularly in the summers. Even though my grandmother is gone I have a very close relationship with my grandpa. At my wedding we danced a special song right after my daddy daughter dance, “My Way” by Frank Sinatra, because both my grandpa and I adore his amazing music.


On this day I gained another mother and a father, and although I know there are plenty of hateful in law stories out there, I don’t think now that I am married I will have any issues. The only real problem Mr. Rogue’s parents and I had were about the fact that we were living together before marriage, now that that is settled I am adored, as it should be.

As well as getting another set of parents, I am also getting a whole additional set of aunts, uncles, cousins, sister, brother, and nieces and nephews. All of whom I met for the first time at the wedding, since they all live scattered across the west. It was a whirlwind of names and faces all of which I still do not remember. I will need to study up for the next family meeting, in the mean time this is a big new family.

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