Saturday, February 21, 2009

Big Bear Ski Trip - The Mountains

Today I woke up bright and early for my second trip to Big Bear Mountain this week. I am so excited to be going again but I am sad Mr. Rogue decided to stay at home. I had to get up at 5:00 am, not my most favourite thing in the world, but for a day of skiing I would do a lot of things I don’t really like. Once I got to my friends I found out my girlfriend, Ms. Dancer was not going so it ended up being Ms. Dancer’s boyfriend our mutual ex-co-worker and myself. And both the boys were snowboarders. I was slightly annoyed at the fact of being left alone with the guys but then decided to make the best of the situation. Now I could just spend all day skiing on the mountain alone, I could go my own pace and not have to try and keep track of another person’s wants and needs.

This trip was so unlike our trip a couple of days ago, see here. The weather was perfect, warm even at 40 degrees, and the sun was shining with almost no cloud cover. Last time we got the best powder for skiing and very bad weather, this time we got amazing weather and less than perfect powder. Because of the amount of rain we have been having the air in the Los Angeles area is so clear, usually we are bogged down with a cloud of smog. I got the most amazing mountain vistas on the drive up and on the mountain. Here are some of my favourite shots.

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