Thursday, February 26, 2009

Split Personalities

People know me as a little bit of a fashion slut. I love clothes, I love bags, I love jewellery and I would do almost anything to become the woman with the largest shoe collection ever. This is how my husband gets out of the jailhouse, I am not a flowers and candy kind of girl when you make me mad oh no just offer me shoes. Note: special bonus goes to the one who gets all three.

So when I go out I love to wear nice cloths that match with my new purse and matching never touched pavement shoes. However when I come home it is a different story. I am like Mr. Rodgers, you know as he enters his house and starts singing it is a beautiful day in the neighbourhood his jacket comes off his sweater goes on and he changes his shoes. This is his transition from his outside public self to his inside private self. I am exactly the same way except that my outside self is a fun loving artsy fashionista and my inside self is a hobo who only likes to wear my husband’s comfy clothes. I climb out of my skirt and slither into a pair of old flannel pants that are 3 sizes to big, I remove my cashmere sweater and pull an oversized hoodie on, and I take off my gorgeous stiletto heels and replace them with my comfy pink crocs. This transformation happens as soon as I come into the house, I like to think of it as my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I do this for multiple reasons, because I have a dog and two cats who seriously have house shedding parties with all their four legged friends from the neighbourhood the second I walk out the door. There is so much hair in my house on any given day that I am convinced there is NO WAY that all of it comes from my three animals. It is more comfortable in my husbands bum cloths, I like the way the fabric is swimming on my body, like I am a little kid where the sleeves hang to long, and I like the subtle smell him in the fabric. I like to keep my nice clothes nice and when I am home I am often cleaning, or playing with my animals, or taking a very long nap; all of these activities are much easier minus a silk shirt and linen skirt.

My poor husband wonders aloud sometimes why I look so cute when I go out with my friends and why when I return home I don’t just leave on the outfits I wear when I go out. He is learning cute girly girl = out; and I can do anything comfy girl = in.

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