Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shellfish Is My Kryptonite

I just spent a horrible night on the bathroom floor. Hours and hours of me cramped up in a little ball just hoping that the next second, the next breath, the next moment is better than the hellish one I am experiencing now. I got food poisoning at least that is what I think it is food poisoning on top of an allergic reaction to shellfish. But I get ahead of myself.

It all started innocently enough, Mr. Rogue in an effort to avoid large crowds and annoying out to dinner holiday hassles decided this year to take a day off work and make reservations to celebrate our Valentines Day on a Wednesday night. That way we could have a very relaxing meal with no fuss. He made reservations at a restaurant that we have been waiting to try saving it for a special occasion like our first married Valentines Day, and I was super excited.

The restaurant was everything we loved, small family owned, the service was magnificent, the wine selection extensive, and the food unique and delicious. I died and went to Italian heaven. Our meal took 2 hours stretched out by a glass of wine with our appetiser, another with our dinner, and a espresso with our desert. Although I am mildly allergic to shellfish I decided that since I had not had any for a while to chance a dish. Because I love seafood it just does not love me. I ordered Gnocchi in a tomato basil sauce with scallops and shrimp; it was the most wonderful meal ever. Although I ate all the pasta I left half the seafood pieces for my husband, who ordered the lamb, I saved it because he loves shellfish and because I did not want to eat too much.

Our early Valentines Day dinner for the newly wed couple went horribly awry. After our deserts on the way to the car is when I felt a little queasy, midway through the 15 min drive home I started to feel pretty ill, getting home I felt so bad that I had to immediately lay down. I thought I had overdone how much seafood I had which is not an exact science because I can have some and be ok usually, but when my husband woke up in the middle of the night and I had to give him half of the toilet bowl so he could empty his stomach we concluded that my meal had been poisoned, we had food poisoning. After Mr. Rogue got sick for a minute he felt much better, but I was way sicker and spent the rest of the evening on the cold bathroom floor. Thank god I am a fastidious cleaner, the floor was immaculately clean.

So I got no sleep last night, I woke up this morning still feeling queasy but managed to get down some dry toast and water without getting ill. I am really sad that it is a gorgeous day, I felt obligated to take my parents who are staying with us somewhere but there is NO WAY I am getting out of my pajamas today. Besides I am stuck here waiting for the stove guy to finally fix my stove. Because not only do I have house guests I also do not have a working stove.

My mother was cooking date nut and spice cake in the oven this past Sunday when she noticed the smell of smoke. Seems like a piece of grease from a past meal had gotten on the heating coil and when she went to use it the heated grease caused it to brake a big chunk off. Because it was Sunday I could not get the warrantee company on the phone nor could I find a replacement part that my father could reinstall. On Monday I made an appointment to have someone come out on Tuesday, on Tuesday the service co called and switched the appointment to day and today they came out without the part and spent five minutes going over the same information I just gave the warrantee company. He did not have my new part; in fact he had to order the new part, which would take another 7-10 business days, which means that my BASTARD BROKEN STOVE is not going to get fixed until after my parents leave.

So not only am I ill I have to mass organize taking the expensive ham I bought down the block to Ms. Sweeties house so I have an oven to cook it in, and then bring it back here to serve to my guests. The happiness is NOT radiating from my body. I am not a bright ray of sunshine. I just really need a hole to crawl into so I can sleep this day away. And I blame everything on the delicious shellfish I had yesterday, because if shellfish were not so scrumptiously yummy then I would not have succumbed to its devil siren and I would have a lot more sleep to deal with today.

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