Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Power Struggle

There is an inevitable power struggle between a mother and her child a war of autonomy that has been played out a million times. I seem to be in the middle of this war, despite my knowledge that it is going on and my multiple attempts to not let it bother me I am still seeking power over my mother and it is STUPID. I have always been very opinionated about everything and when I was young with my family I struggled living in a system that I did not control. Ever since I have moved away from home and have been running my own life I have happier because I am the queen of my domain.

I love my mother I really do but I have a hard time taking a back seat and doing things her way, because I want to do it my way. It is like I am a child, who am I kidding she will always be my mother and I will always be the child, I need to suck it up. After all it is only for a week she is here and I am ruining it by being a shitty little baby with my temper tantrums.

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