Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Octo Mom

I would like to talk about the woman who decided to have octuplets, a woman who is getting massacred in the media, a woman who is just trying to be a mom. She is so easy to judge and I agree that some of her decisions were not the smartest and she obviously like many of us has issues, however I am not in her situation and I am trying really hard not to get into a conversation and start berating her for her choices. It is hard not to make judgements when there are so many things against this woman but I also think that there is a lot going on here that she had no control over. I agree that I would have not made many of the decisions she did but I am not going to jump on the bandwagon and start attacking someone I don’t know.

I know that I know that she has 6 children, two of which are special needs, I know that she lives with her mother, that she is unemployed, that she lives off welfare, that the donator and father of the children has no contact or responsibilities, that she has a plastic surgery problem and that she is bringing 8 more babies home soon with no way to take care of them all adequately. There is a lot to make fun of or make comments about all these horrible facts; however I have heard nothing but great things about her as a mother. That she has done everything the doctors have told her to a letter to make sure that she brought these babies into the world healthy and with mothers in the news beating, murdering, or abandoning their children I don’t see some of the things she has done to be so bad. Now I don’t agree with a lot of what she has done, I don’t think that in a million years I would have made the same decisions, but she is not me, and I am not her.

This woman has an unusual life and she is making unusual decisions but I feel that if I start trash talking her god given rights to do what she wants with her private personal life then in some way I am becoming an advocate of giving the government rights to moderate her life and in turn mine. And I mean this by people who make comments like “That woman should be locked up for having so many kids.” or “She should not be allowed to do this when she cannot provide for them.”. It is my opinion that people need to mind their own business, it isn’t like we want the government to govern or moderate how many children a person has, yea this is an extreme case but really everyone should butt out.

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