Friday, February 27, 2009

Mammoth Ski Trip Day 1: The People

We are starting an annual year Mammoth Mountain Ski trip in either January or February. This year was our second and we are planning to go again in next year. Organizing a group trip has its problems and our trip wasn’t without its issues. But with each year I learn something more so hopefully by the time I am 40 we will have it down to a science. This year we got to a late start picking the date and instead of just choosing something that worked for me I decided to take votes and try and find a weekend that worked in all the people that wanted to go schedule. Listen to those who are older and wiser, when there are 12 different people, all without children, all living in Los Angeles, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a weekend where everyone is available, and even if you find such a rare thing as a free weekend for all, the condo that you want to rent, the perfect condo right off the chair lift will defiantly be booked. So after two weeks of email tag with everyone on the list we ended up choosing a weekend that worked for some but not all of the group. Lesson learned to get around this issue I am going to book the condo and take deposits from the group in June instead of December.

We got 10 people to put down deposits and I thought that all of our worries and troubles were gone. I was very very wrong. Mr. and Mrs. Rambo, this would be their first trip with us, were so excited to go, that is until they found out that the weekend they thought it was was in fast the weekend BEFORE we were going. It had been a weekend discussed but a weekend that had to be changed because the condo got booked in the day it took me to get everyone’s confirmation so I just booked it the following weekend and emailed everyone about the change. So we were down to 8 people and had to scramble to find replacements which we did with Mr. and Mrs. Football. Then another couple found out that that weekend they had a wedding and were not going to be able to make it even though they had paid their deposit already. Then just when we thought no more could happen Mr. Football injured his ankle and was not in any condition to ski so they cancelled. My brother in law who had already declined going ended up filling one of the spots but that still only left us 7 people in a cabin that can hold 12. This was a very weak turnout to the 20 people we had the previous year.

Even with all the drama we had a great time. Mr. Rogue went skiing for the fifth time and seemed to finally hit a breakthrough, he was finally skiing well and I think by the end of the season he may be able to handle keeping up with me. To be fair I have been skiing for years and he only the past three years, since I started dragging him to the slopes.






The only real downer for me for the weekend was the fact that I felt everyone was not on the same page as me as how to spend the down time. There was a lot of naps and TV watching which I thought would have been better spend playing games and having fun. But that is the problem not everyone has the same ideas on what to do with their free vacation time. I tried to garner interest in the bin of fun that I had brought full of cards and board games but I was out voted and left drifting off to do my own thing. At least the skiing was kick butt.

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