Sunday, February 15, 2009


I knew when I walked into my aunts house and saw this that it was a premonition to run away and hide, that some catastrophic event was going to take place and I should just take cover already because this doll was going to come to life like some hairless chucky and chop me to little pieces. Thank god that premonition was incorrect but there was something in that mini flash of doom.

We stayed for a nice long visit. Whenever I got to my aunts I always end up leaving with a ton of stuff. Today was no different; she gave me a new plant, a few bags of tangerines and oranges, and a ton of cupcakes. When we were ready to leave I had to take multiple trips to the car in order to carry out everything, I really need to learn to carry those baskets on my head, and it would be so helpful in situations like this.

Anyways in the process of trying to shuffle things around so all our stuff and the four people that were with me could all fit in the car I managed to lock my keys in the trunk and since my car is the spawn of Satan and auto-locks I now have no way to get my keys out of the trunk. After discouragingly pulling out my hair and banging my head against the car window I plodded back inside to call my husband. My cousin Ms. Sweetie who was with us heard that you can try to click a car unlocker over the phone, that it works when you hold the phone up to the car. We decided anything was worth a try but it did not work. So I called AAA to get them to break in.

I hate being hair-brained and locking my keys in the car, I hate when my husband who is the type of man who would NEVER lock his keys in the car is incredulous at his wife who is the type of person that does lock their keys in the car, and I hate not being able to leave when I want to. AAA at least was super fast responding and super fast at breaking into my car. I wonder if AAA occasionally trains a guy who goes awl and becomes an auto thief after being taught how to break into any type of car.

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