Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When Wishes Come True

Everybody wishes for things to happen in their life, but what happens when you get what you want. Right now I have almost everything I have ever wanted but I am feeling slightly discontent and it has been annoying me for weeks. I have a great husband, a wonderful network of close friends, a remodelled house, I have basically achieved many of my dreams and yet I have this niggling nagging feeling. Now that I have everything that I have ever wanted, the question is what's next?

I wonder if it is human nature to be either striving for that thing you need to have, want to have, cannot live without and once you get it you have to replace it with something else further in the distance to reach for. I am not talking about materialistic things only, there are a lot of things to reach for; there is power, want, need, obsession, notoriety; these are all things that we struggle for. But I am exhausted, when will I feel like enough is enough and slow down a bit? When are we truly happy?

Then there is the extreme opposite, the couch potato that is never going to go anywhere. They live a simple life, a life filled without the constant hum of seeking out the new, striving for something different. Sometimes I really envy these people, the simple people who are content with simple things. I always looked a bit down on them for sitting and not pushing forward with goals and ambitions. I seem to not be able to find a happy medium, I am either on or I get so burned out that I have to turn off. I think I need to work on balancing better. The striving and the resting, maybe then I would not feel this discontent.

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