Friday, February 20, 2009

Confessions of a Shop-a-holic

Needless to say I could not seem to resist going out today and getting a few things. After the movie last night and then my late night surfing on the web about what is hot this spring I decided to only pick up a few trendy things and that was all. I bought more than a few more like some new things (for those of you who are confused as I was a couple is two, a few is three, some is more than three).

I am not ashamed to admit that I blame it all on Ms. Sweetie as she is the one who conned me into going to the store in the first place. I was trying to be strong to stay home and enjoy a movie while working on crafts, but she assured me that we would just go to look, that we would just try stuff on, and that we would not buy anything. Yea that is like taking an recovering alcoholic to a bar and telling them they can just drink soda. Anyways I did end up with some very cute stuff that fits perfectly in with some new spring 09 trends.

Oversized necklaces made are going to make a big impact for the spring season. I picked up this colourful bib necklace from Anthropology.

I loved this 80’s big bold print and picked up this tank as a perfect everyday top in the spring when it gets warm.

Lemon is one of the it colors for this spring and since I cannot wear magenta (The number one it color) I will just have to make do with the yellow. Also from Anthropology I love the detail in their clothes.

I got a fun blue and green plaid scarf and a gorgeous melon and silver scarf to throw around my neck to dress up a plain t-shirt. These will defiantly get a lot of use this spring.

Plaid although this is not so much a spring trend as a winter one, I figure I can get away wearing it for the next 2 months before it has to be stored for fall.

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