Thursday, February 19, 2009

Confessions of a Shop-a-holic

It is tax season and of course I have again waited until last minute to pull together all my information for the meeting with our accountant. Sadly I do this every year, I have to stay up late the night before just so I can make sure all the paperwork and my deductions are in order. Usually I am better at this kind of stuff, staying on top of these life things, so that my life is as organized as possible. I think I just ignore the taxes every year out of spite because even though I KNOW they are necessary I resent giving 40% of my hard earned cash to someone else.

Because I would so rather spend it on some super fabulous stuff like these:







So Mr. Rogue and I went to the accountant and talked about money, goals for our money, and how best to correctly spend our money. Needless to say I left there, like I always do every year, with high aspirations and a new way of looking at what I want and what is important. These views usually only last as long as a mayflies lifespan, about 24 hours. I don’t think I am a horrible person with money. I pay all my bills on time and I save for important things in the future. I own my own home and generally I am responsible about how I spend what I make. But now without a job I am having a hard time saying no to the things I took for granted.

Since finding out about my future jobless state on December 15th I have not shopped as much as I normally would, I have turned my back on stores I normally visit often, I have not touched a fashion magazine, and I refuse to even think about driving past the mall as I am afraid the temptation may be to much. I have been doing well and then today I went out with my girlfriends for sushi and to see the new movie, named after my Confessions of a Shop-a-holic, where a woman with a shopping problem learns to stop shopping and find happiness elsewhere. I am afraid I am not to that self-enlightened phase because the movie has turned my “Must not shop for any reason” into I cannot wait until morning so I can go and get some super cute new things.

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