Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Compliments Keep Rolling In

It is so nice to have had such a wonderful wedding and such great memories. Here are some of the sweet compliments that I have gotten on the big day.

It was the best food at a wedding I HAVE EVER HAD” – Grandma B

The flowers are beautiful, everything is so detailed and precise, only you could have planned such a perfect wedding.” – Mrs. Redhead

This is the best wedding I have ever been too! Well except for my own.” – Mrs. Oky Dokey

It was so wonderful, so absolutely perfect; I would not expect anything less for my sweetie pie.” – Grandpa H

I love all your friends they are amazing and so much fun!” – Ms. Italian Singer

You are like a daughter to me. May God bless you.” – Mr. Italian

Your dress is AMAZING.” – Ms. Africa

Beautiful decor, delicious food, and spectacular company, does it get any better?” – Ms. Pool Shark

You are beautiful when you smile.” - Mr. Rogue

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