Friday, January 16, 2009

San Francisco: Weekend Extravaganza Trip

I am so happy that on the first day I am officially unemployed I scheduled a mini trip with my great married friends. What excellent foresight I have. I am going with Mrs. Bulldog and Mrs. Cutie Pie on girl’s weekend extravaganza getaway in San Francisco to visit our super fabulous single friend Ms Partypants. Surprisingly, if you know or have ever been in LA traffic, everyone managed to arrive at my place on time, I know GASP. We were all out the door and ready to go when my cousin Mrs. Sweetie arrived jobless so able to Shaffer us to the airport. Because we are all girls and because my cousin drives a small car we decided to take my Jeep, which is so much more comfy with all the people and all the bags. Unfortunately because Mrs. Sweetie just moved here and is still finding her way driving was a bit difficult. As we were entering the expressway she managed to scrape the tire off the edge of the curb, then the car started making all kinds of noise, or maybe I was just paranoid of popping a tire on the 405 expressway with a new driver behind the wheel of my car, so I made her pull over so we could just take a peek at what I knew was going to be a mangled tire. Checking it I confirmed that the tire was a OK and I was just a paranoid mess.

After getting all our things out of the car and bidding our fledgling driver goodbye we went in search of the ticketing counter. Now after 20 min of going up and down the elevator and then checking for directions we managed to locate the counter. I ask you how many people it takes to find a counter, in our case 1 blonde, 1 blonde who dyed her hair brunette (she is totally just trying to be smarter) and a true brunette. We were sadly lacking in direction help and this is when I wish my husband was here. Usually just follow him at the airport, and I can pay attention to people watching. This is yet another reason NOT to get married or super involved in a relationship. One person always handles certain tasks which are great when you are together, but when you are separated it really becomes very difficult to do some of the simplest things. I feel completely out of my element like I am trying to knit with a missing right arm.

This was my first time flying Virgin Atlantic, the plane was really cool with pink and purple neon lights and every seat had its own entertainment center with games, TV and movies. The short plane flight also made me super happy and we were pretty entertained sitting in the back of the plane with the cool gay flight attendant paying us a lot of attention and making us laugh at his silly jokes. I really need to replace my old token gay (who I lost when I moved from Pittsburgh to LA) friend with another, I really miss him most when I find another cool gay man, and they truly are the loophole for girls in a relationship. I wish I could put him in my pocket and take him with me. Alas he lives in San Diego with his mom and 10 cats, figures.


When we booked the flight a few months earlier we were able to get a great deal for both the plane tickets and the hotel. We are staying at the Fairmount hotel which was built in 1906.

SIDE NOTE:I heard a cool story about the Fairmount which I have no other supporting evidence other than the gossiping girl who told it to me and she is TOTALLY cool so I am taking it as fact. The Fairmount hotel was started by a rich railroad man who was competing with several other rich railroad men to see who could build the most beautiful and luxurious hotel in the trendy San Francisco block. The particular man who was attempting to buy the land for the Fairmount purchased all the stores sans one little laundry shop, which was owned by a little Chinese man. This Chinese man would not sell his store to the business tycoon and he forced his price to go higher and higher until in desperation the tycoon offered the Chinese man enough money so that he could buy his own block elsewhere in the city. With glee the man took the money and bough his own block and became a very wealthy man.

When we arrived I was in love with the old classic design, which is gorgeous because it has all the beauty of the old world and the convenience of the new. Our room had double high ceilings and enormous amount of floor space, comparatively to standard hotel rooms that I have stayed in this room was spacious and somewhat like heaven. Sigh I love heaven.


It took us almost no time to check in, freshen up, and head out the door to be picked up by Mrs. Partypants. We went first to Solstice a Tapas bar with great drinks and killer apps. Here we met Mrs. Giggles who is a good friend from high school of Mrs. Partypants and we all LOVED HER. After our second round of martinis I started to Dr. Ruth Mrs. Giggles whole life. I am so bad because when I started hearing how she was talking about her current boyfriend and the man that she used to date I got all blunt on her ass and told her she needed to make some changes. That is just the way I roll all black and white no grey areas do this and this and then you will be happier. This type of tough love is generally kept under lock and key by my conscious mind but after two martinis the key was freely given and I was in danger of ostracising my new super cool friend. Thankfully she was the type to love a stranger telling her what to do with her life (I know rare indeed). I think we may be soul mates.


Our night then took us to Lion’s Den, a dive bar where we met Mrs. Cutie Pie’s bother, her brothers new fianc├ęs and her entourage. It was so hot that within 2 minutes I was VERY uncomfortable and the place was jammed from wall to wall with people. As the group got drunker and drunker we decided that dancing was next on the docket. So after an hour of roasting rotisserie style in the bar we jumped in a cab and were off to the club. With 4 of us piled in the back and our combined blood alcohol levels shooting way above normal we were chatting away and I could not help to wonder how much crazy stuff taxi drivers must overhear listening to snippets of conversations by their customers. I think if a cab driver started a blog it would be an interesting read. We had a great time in the cab and although I cannot remember much of the specifics we have a photo as proof of the amount of laughing that took place. I still wonder what was so funny?


Stepping into the club I felt like I was transported back to my early 20’s the lighting was super low, the speakers were blasting music so loud you could not hear your screams over the noise, and the drinks were watered down and small. After a minute I lost my friends and spent the next half hour wandering from room to crowded weed scented room trying to find my group. Once found Ms. Giggles and I started to play the “We are super drunk lets take photos of ourselves game” and Ms. Giggles added a twist of shouting out concepts for us to act out on camera. Tyra Banks would be so proud with our results.





After an hour and a half at the club the visiting married girls all bailed out and we took our drunk hot butts back to the hotel. It seems like the lifestyles of the single girl partying was taking its tool on my drunken married soul. I got to bed around 3:00AM and what I once considered an early night was now a proud moment that I had lasted so long.

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