Sunday, January 4, 2009

Watching Reruns Creates Yearnings

There are some things that you hold sacred from hay days in the past. Right now I am reliving all the Sex and the City seasons, all of them, in a row, back to back and the nostalgia is killing my wedding high. It makes me think of the first time the show came on, us single girls would get together in front of the TV or sometimes it was just me and my new TV friends. There would be wine and great snack foods that would all go untouched because reaching for that tostada chip and trying to make it into the salsa and then into your mouth without glancing away from the TV was just to much of a feat for me to try and accomplish. I may have not gotten any solid food sustenance but at least I was advanced enough in my wine drinking to be able to manage a glass and not break my concentration.

Re-watching Carrie and the girls go through their horrible dating days, days that when I was single made complete sense, but now that I am married and settled into life I have a completely different perspective on the things that they are talking about and the troubles they are having. Watching this show is giving me lots of urges:

1. I want to be single again, gloriously single and gorgeous going out with all different kinds of great men, experiencing the first kiss, the butterflies, the wonder if he is going to call again. Which is a problem considering I am very happily married.

2. It makes me want to move to New York. Something that was in the original plan when I moved to LA but that dream had to be cut out of my life when I realized that I loved my man and could not leave him even for such a wonderful glorious city. Can’t do that now, we would never be able to sell our house in this market and there are no jobs for my happy hubby there, and since kids are in the immediate future New York will just need to be a great city I visit often.

3. This show evily makes me want to go shopping, and not just any shopping but GOBS AND GOBS of shopping for all kind of fabulous designer clothes and shoes and bags. Which, considering my lack of a job in a week, is really sadly not in the budget.

This show, for the 30 minutes that it is spinning away in my DVD, makes me yearn for the grass that is on the other side of the fence. What is wrong with me, I am fantasising about being single DAMN you Carrie Bradshaw. Thank god when my husband enters the room the yearning is replaced with peace about my wonderful perfect life and my wonderful perfect very own Mr. Big.

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