Saturday, January 10, 2009

Torrey Pines State Reserve

Today we went on a 2hr road trip down the coast to visit Torrey Pines Sate reserve. A park that houses the only Torrey Pines found in the entire world and it is so exciting that we are able to visit this rare plant. Mr. Rogue and I were accompanied by my cousin, Mrs. Sweetie, who has recently relocated to the sunny Los Angeles coast, along with her boyfriend. We are not only visiting the park but we are also here to meet my traveling parents who are camping in their RV in the area. Originally we were meeting to go on a hike through the park but plans had to be changed to a leisurely day by the beach due to Mrs. Sweeties healing broken foot. Oh the pain I have to lay on the beach all day. Sometimes I have such a rough life.


Although I am a master planner, a planner that loves to choose, invite and organize fun trips and activities, a planner in which Martha Stewart would have been proud to employ I still tend to get a little grey occasionally on some of the more minute details. I am only human after all. On this particular trip I forgot to pinpoint the EXACT location we are supposed to meet. Yes we decided to meet at the Park but I failed to choose which point in the 2000 acres of land we could bump into each other. Unfortunately this oversight caused us to drive around for an extra half hour looking for them which in turn caused tension between me and my wonderful husband. I hate tension when we are both pissed because it becomes the blind leading the blind. I really appreciate those couples who when one person yin’s the other yang’s.

The saddest part for me is that tension in the past three years has caused an unwanted side effect, a side effect that I have traced through research to stress. My right eye starts to twitch, twitch like I have a tick, twitch in a most unbecoming psychotic kind of ‘OH MY GOD GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY THIS CHICKS EYE IS TWITCHING AND SHE IS GONNA BLOW’. I am waiting for phase 2 of the eye twitch, yet to come, where I start laughing hysterically or start uncontrollably drooling. Damn getting old, damn stress, damn the fact that I should have eaten that piece of chocolate cake like I wanted to this morning. YUMMM CAKE. Maybe with warm gooey chocolate in my belly I would not be so stressed. If these are the only times in where Mr. Rogue and I have dissension, these minor battles of crabby vs. crabbier, then I will be a very happy woman. Hummm, I wonder if I can convince my husband to carry chocolates in his pocket. Maybe that will help.

After finally finding the parents and settling on the beach we became lifeless lumps stretched out with limbs askew like flies hit by a gigantic swatter, listening to the waves, feeling the sun on our skin, sinking into the soft sand with our toes wiggling in delight. Most of the time I was hovering in between consciousness and unconsciousness snuggled into the side of my husband, curled into the nook like a little happy kitten.

We had a picnic of sandwiches and chips and then played a round of bocci ball. It is a fun game similar in the theroy to playing marbles. Whenever I play with my parents I am reminded of my childhood, of my grandmothers house up north, and of all the times she KICKED MY ASS. You would think maybe ONCE I could have beaten her but that is never the case. I am resigned to just being second best, with bocci ball at least. After getting beat we returned to our indented grooves in the sand to rest, having the day off is TOUGH work and I needed another nap.

My mother and I later pried ourselves from our inverted positions to take a walk down the beach, as I gazed longingly back over my shoulder at the comfy indent of my prostrated body in my husbands nook, I had to concentrate on putting one step in front of the other. I had to walk away because I really wanted to play with my new toy. Today I borrowed my brother in laws Cannon D40 which I am seriously considering purchasing as my next camera. Purchasing once I get a new job and the income starts flowing back into the bank account. The camera exceeded most of my expectations. The only thing I really have to complain about is the weight, which I am sure was no less than what my last SUV weighted I figured that on the good side at least it was a good way to get my arms in shape. So I am officially in love with this camera and I will be taking it home, covering it in pink and frills, and making a place for it in our growing non-human family.
Here are the shots from the trip that I liked the best.







I was sad to leave the beach but I am consoled in the fact that we will defiantly be returning to try the hiking trails because I hear they are amazing.

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