Saturday, January 31, 2009

BBBS 6 - A Time Warp To The 80’s

In an effort to be more fun, I am going to be fun if it kills me damit, instead of giving Ms. Little a list of options for activities we could do together and letting her pick from that list I gave Ms. Little free choice for what we would do on our outing this week. I gave myself the right to veto anything that was too expensive but aside from that I vowed I would do whatever she wanted. When I asked her she paused in thought, and as I prayed she would pick something reasonably doable like build a sandcastle instead of something like take her to the moon, she opened her cute mouth and let me know that she decided that she would like me to take her to the roller-skating rink. That she had a pair of hand me down skates once and really liked to skate around the house she had never been to an actual rink.

SHIT! SSSSHHHHHHHIIIIIIIITTTTTT!!! I have not roller-skated in 16 years and I really don’t think that the images I am having of me falling uncoordinated yard sale style all over the place and breaking various limbs while I am flailing at the rink with a ton of kids laughing at me is really the image I am going for. Cant we just have tea? No I took a vow and now I must bear my cross like a good little Christian. The rink here we come.

Now I was not always this terrified at the prospect of spending a few hours at the rink, I actually used to be quite the roller-skating demon. My mother, having had kids at a young age, has the type of energy that I will probably lack having a child in my 30s rather than my 20s. However I was able to reap the benefits of having a mom who not only loved roller-skating but was also young enough to still be one of the best skaters on the rink. I remember she always used to skate backwards faster than I could ever hope to skate forwards and that whenever they did the parents racing she would almost always win to our grinning hero worshiping amazement. So a few times a month when we were young we would go to our local rink and spin around and around to the djs random picks from the best of the 80s. Even as I got older one of my favourite things to do would be to go to the rink on a Friday or Saturday night and hang out with my friends trying to chase boys or preferably be chased by boys as we played out our mini versions of relationship drama all in one night. To be asked to skate by the cutest boy at the end of the night couples slow song was considered the crowning success of the evening.

As Ms. Little and I walked into the darkened rink I was taken over with all these old memories. Getting our brown faded skates with their florescent orange wheels from the man behind the counter I was hesitant to put on the boots. As an adult and a person suffering from OCD I had flashes of all the sweaty foot fungus people that have worn these and the fact that the establishment did not seem to share my values of extreme cleanliness. Tossing caution to the wind I proceeded to put them on and hope that later my feet do not need to be amputated due to some really rare roller-skating foot fungus.

Standing up for the first time was pretty scary again the flashes of broken bones and mortification hit me but I pushed through and took a tiny skate forward. I have nothing to worry about, what was I so scared for, roller-skating is like riding a bike and I all of a sudden know that I am going to be a total champ. Ms. Little was delightful with wonder at all the things that come with the rink; the smooth wooden floor, the low darkened lights, the disco ball and the accent strobes, the booming music, and the really good skaters that I used to love to watch and aspire to as a kid.

We ended up skating for three hours with very little time for breaks. After her initial hesitation she found out that she was pretty good and we proceeded to play tag and push each other over. All in all it was a pretty fun outing spent with lots of giggles and her falling all over the place. I was very proud that I kept my skates on the ground and my butt in the air and she was super ecstatic at finally being able to say she has been to the rink.

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