Thursday, January 1, 2009

What I Resolve in 2009

There are many people on this planet that get to a certain age where they have everything that they think that they need or everything that they think that they are going to get and then they stop and hover. Because they are officially content. No not all their dreams were reached and they are not the people that they could be but because they are done pushing themselves. Sometimes I drive to work on autopilot, I know not my most proud moment here admitting that sometimes I zone out while I am driving, but with an hour commute each way to work I sometimes mediate over a thought and that thought is NORMALLY a topic that ends up on this blog! So sometimes I drive home from work, and as I pull up to the house I don’t even remember the actual trip from work to home. I feel like there are many people who just settle in their mid 20’s to 30’s and then when they are 45 have a midlife crisis not unlike Chernobyl.

Something I started doing a while ago to prevent my own personal Chernobyl from ever happening, to increase my chances of being the best person I can be, to prevent me from being one of those people that settles in life, is to take on a new challenge every year. I am hoping that doing this will force me to sit up and take notice and to keep me from mindlessly sleepwalking myself past the next 10 or 30 years. I want something to make me bounce up and down, something to get excited about, and something that keeps me alive and struggling. Every year I choose something that I am interested in and then spend the year researching, practicing, taking lessons, and basically diving headfirst into educating myself as much as possible. Most times the things I choose become things that I incorporate into my life forever.

Since I started consciously doing this in 1997 I have wracked up a small list of things to accomplish. Here is my list of choices:

1997 – Skiing
1998 – Learn how to live on my own, which consists of learning how to cook soup and grilled cheese, laundry, and paying bills all with my parents 400 miles away
1999 - Billiards
2000 – Learn about bills, CC and how to manage money (Katie)
2001 – Get trained in Life Saving Measures – Learn to Salsa Dance
2002 – Learn Flash and Photoshop inside and out
2003 – Read non-fiction educating textbooks
2004 – Oil Painting, becoming a better artist
2005 – Becoming a rollerblading master
2006 – Break Procrastination
2007 – Learn about construction, architecture, interior decorating, and sewing
2008 – Nutrition and Exercise

After much debate where I considered the choices of taking pastry chef classes, taking a few months off and backpacking through Europe, learning to speak Spanish or taking on Violin lessons I have finally decided that this year I will be focusing on two pieces. I would like to learn to be a better photographer and I would like to go to and explore the various parks, camping and hiking trials around LA. Wish me luck and I will keep you posted on my progress.

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