Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Screaming Muscles

Today I worked out for two hours which normally is not usual. However with my recent trip to Michigan to visit an ailing grandfather which required a lot of sitting in planes, sitting in airports, sitting in cars, sitting at the hospital there was not a lot of activity or time to workout. And then my recent trip to San Francisco which mostly just worked out my right arm lifting drinks it has been 10 long days since I have done ANY type of workout.

So after my two hour marathon workout I went out for sushi with the girls. Today the topic of discussion was the new girl in class, the girl with the perfect body, the girl you cannot help but compare yourself with and fall very very short. I wonder do these perfect women have no hobbies other than working out. Are they slaves to their workout regiment, do they exercise 3 hours each and every day, do they never skip a planned meal, do they ever sneak a brownie or a piece of cake, do they do anything other than workout their precious body? Because I can’t seem to keep my life and all my interests, a full time job, my husband happy, and our house clean, chores done, errands run AND strive for that perfect body. I am going to ask her how she does it, how she gets the most amazing body, and I swear her answer better be “I work out 8 hours a day and never stray from a diet of celery” if it isn't then stand back because I am going to think about getting violent. However if the answer is “Perfect Genes” then I think I will fall onto the ground into a perfect replica of an enraged toddler having the most heinous fit you can imagine.

After dragging myself out of the sushi restaurant and into my car I managed to get home, take a hot shower and get in my comfy clothes before I fell into a useless puddle not unlike what I think a giant puddle of jello would look like. God I hurt, it hurts to type, it hurts to sit, and it hurts to move. If you ever work out you know that the day after your workout is normally when you begin to feel pain of any kind, you also know that if you begin to feel pain right AFTER your workout then you are in big big trouble because that pain is only going to get much worse. Even with the pain I do feel good though, because I feel healthy and alive. And even though I think I will always strive to have a perfect body and fail miserably because I cannot resist that piece of cake and I cannot make myself go to the gym every day I still love in general who I am as a whole. I will skip the gym tomorrow, I will skip the gym and do nothing all day except eat cake, I will think of the perfect girl with her perfect body working out all day and I will not feel bad, because I am not perfect, and because I can.

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