Friday, January 30, 2009

Following A Path To The Good Life

I have been contemplating the value of friendship and its role in my life. I see my friends falling loosely into one of two categories; those that have a shared understanding of life similar to my own and those that create a contest or a challenge that make me question my values about myself and push me along my path by their very different ideals. Generally I try and surround myself with people who I feel are good people, people that do not weigh me down with negative interactions, people that give me something to think about and connect to. However lately I have been wondering about various friends who I believe to have crossed moral lines that I am severely opposed to and how I should handle these digressions.

A friendship like any relationship needs to be built on trust and commitment and you have to accept them for who they are as a whole package. However I am wondering if the crossing of these lines should prompt me to take a greater action against it other than claiming ignorance to myself. I try and surround myself with people that make me a better person, people that provide positive role models but when these people have parts of them that make me respect them a WHOLE lot less then when is the time to turn away and cut your losses.

Should I move forward with some type of liberalism that friends should be free to determine and pursue their own ends to the extent that as long as those choices don’t interfere with the ability for me to do likewise then everything is fine, or should this be a clear call to back away and create some distance to think? If I am true to myself and I am striving to find my perfect “True Nature” and reach my full potential then how can I do this with these tainted friends. I know if I use reason I should walk away but if I use motives based on the friendship and love I have I should stay.

I do not want to impose my will on the world but I believe in certain things, certain rules that I follow and I guess I always assumed that there were a few basic rules that the type of people I would be attracted to for a friendship would follow as well. I know no one is perfect or infallible but looking at some of these things raises the question of how I should live my life, what type of people I want to associate with, and what type of behaviour I am willing to tolerate.

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