Thursday, January 29, 2009

Confessions of a Shop-a-holic

Today Ms. Sweetie and I went to Ikea on a mission for her to scope out a dresser and an entertainment center for her new apartment. Since she had never been to an Ikea before she did not know the amazingness of the most wonderful utilitarian furniture shopping ever, I am pleased to say she loved it so much she said “I could spend a million dollars here, I want to take it all home”. I was so excited to go with her and even though I am on a shopping embargo due to lack of job therefore lack of funds for new things I even picked up a few things for me because technically they were not for me they were for the house and the house needed them.

I got these great new beige seat cushions for the kitchen table chairs and since they were 100% cotton and you could wash them in the washer they were perfect (the ones I had previously were a suede material and they were not holding up well to the wear and the cat hair stuck to the material like glue).

Rivta Cotton Seat Cushions – w/Velcro straps
Originally they are $5.99 but at the location near my home I got them on sale for $4.99

I also picked up this white duvet for our bedroom comforter. I have another one that is fancier that I put on when company comes over but because I have two cats and a dog I like the white for everyday wear because it does not show as much wear and I can bleach it.

for $49.99

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