Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Biting The Hand That Stops Feeding You

Not only is today a Tuesday which is bad enough because it is not a Friday, or that it is 8 days before I become officially unemployed, it is also the day where I have to teach another office, the office that is responsible for me no longer having a job, how to do the job that I have been doing. As if the bullshit pill of "We are so sorry you no longer have a job!" wasn’t enough. I am torn between giving the worst information I possibly can, information that is so erroneously wrong that they will make so many mistakes that they lose the business and then therefore I will be slightly vindicated OR if I should be a good little corporate team player monkey and mindlessly hand over my past year and a half work to the people who are going to make it VERY difficult to shop for the next few months. They are so screwed; no one messes with my Shop-aholicism.

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