Saturday, January 3, 2009

Biology Of A Nap

I have been reading a book about psychology, and in the particular chapter I just finished I learned that the adolescent needs a lot of sleep because their bodies are growing out of control and changing a lot and the urge to sleep more is totally necessary to create a functional healthy human being. Reading that chapter made me so angry and so justified in my attempted actions when I was a teen that I think I almost cried in my rage/validation. I could beat my mother right now. Hi mom!

When I was a teen in my mothers house naps were not allowed past the age of 4. This was not really a problem until I hit the age of about 14 when I could not keep my eyes open. No matter how hard I tried to put myself on my “mothers” schedule, early to rise and early to bed I could not seem to get enough sleep and after school I was not allowed to take a quick nap and on the weekends I was not allowed to sleep all day long even though MY BODY OBVIOUSLY WANTED TO! She would wake me up at her REASONABLE time and eons of biology be damned. Just because she was some type of biological wonder that she did not seem to go through this phase does not mean that her daughter had these magical superpowers.

I struggled all through high school, stealing naps where I could, sometimes I would sneak naps while pretending to do my homework quietly in my room, or I would make fake plans with friends and sleep. And then when I moved away from college I came to love that the fact that napping is a God given right and god damit I was going to partake HEAVILY of this right if only to catch up with all the other much rested cooler kids. As I have gotten older I have learned to appreciate other beings like my mother who can function with less than eight hours of sleep every night, I have found that I am not one of these people. In fact I love sleeping so much that even if I get my full eight hours I still LOVE to take a nap in the middle of the day just as a refresher and because I am a grownup and I can.

When I was single in Pittsburgh and working from home I partied all night long crashing into bed after we had closed the bar and the AFTER hours bar at about 4:30am and then I would sleep until 12:30 in the afternoon. After working from 1:00pm – 7:00pm I would take a quick hour nap before meeting the girls for dinner at 9:00pm and then the partying would start all over again. Those were some of the BEST times of my life and my body loved that schedule.

When I was single in Los Angeles and working in the multimedia companies I still partied all night long and after getting home at 4:30am and grabbing a quick nap I would show up at work a lot worse for wear. These were the days when on my lunch break I would get into my Jeep and drive around the corner to a cosy neighbourhood with big trees and pass out for an extended hour and a half. After my nap I grab a liquid lunch in the form of a Diet Coke and hall my tired ass back to work.

Today is my fifth day straight in pyjamas. It is an extravaganza that I find very liberating even if I am a grown woman in her pj’s all day long. At 3pm I deliberated on getting dressed, but as the sun started setting and I found myself still in pj’s I thought why bother because it is almost technically dark, which means it is almost technically night time, which means that it is almost technically time to go to bed and a completely acceptable time to be in my pj’s. And who cares it is my house and I will do what I want to. Tomorrow is a new day; maybe I will take a shower and get dressed.

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