Sunday, December 21, 2008

Surprise Birthday For Ms. Dancer

It is hard to keep a secret. Secrets are like little gold nuggets of information and both gold and secrets have been traded and sold since the beginning of time. But there are two different types of secrets, secrets that aren’t really secrets, ones that are open for the gossip mill and that can be bandied about. Then there are the ones that are given into your trust, true closet secrets that should be whispered into very deep wells, secrets that are not to be repeated. So with the first kind of secret it does not matter if it gets out, the second however you need a very good friend to whisper them to. I have one of those friends and it is hard to keep a secret from someone you tell virtually everything to. I decided to throw a surprise birthday party for my best friend. I knew it would be hard to keep it from her, to keep myself from telling her and to keep everyone invited quiet. The last week I had to make excuses of why I could not talk because I was afraid I would give it away in our unguarded conversations. Magically it came to be that we all preserved the secret even though there were a few close calls.

Ms. Dancer’s Boyfriend and I coordinated the story and fed her bits of it at a time over a months period, we decided he would have fake-friends fly in that they were having dinner with, uncancellable plans because they were only in town for a limited time, we also decided that Ms. Dancer’s Boyfriend would borrow the Xbox and would pick it up at my house while we were out to dinner on the way to meet his friends. Ms. Dancer’s Sister, who they were picking up from the airport, was also pulled into the planning, we decided that she would text us when they were close to the house to warn us to turn off the lights and wait in anticipation of yelling surprise. When she walked in the door her face; her shock at the 40 so odd people in my home for her birthday was priceless. I think we actually scared her when she walked into the dark house. The party went wonderfully! It is good to do something for people you love.

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