Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections and Aspirations

The past year has been crazy and busy and filled with breakdowns, trials, and lots of love. Here are some of the highlights:

- Get Home from the Philippines
- Going to Michigan to choose the venue
- Immersed up to my NECK in wedding planning
- Engagement Party
- I reconnect with Mrs. Bitch

- Mrs. Cutie Pie Engagement Party
- Dedicating to Big Brother Big Sister

- Engagement Party
- First Day of S
- Breakdown
- Ms Partypants going away party
- Found the dress

- UCLA Nutrition Class
- Mrs. Lambchops’s Baby ShowerMay
- Mr. Rogue Birthday BBQ
- Why we may do construction again
- Party Day Call of Duty/Disney Hall

- Bachelorette party
- Ms. Dancer Beach BBQ
- Mrs. Bulldog Bach Party
- Baby Lambchop is Born

- Broke Down Bridesmaids
- Joining Facebook
- Mrs. OC is Pregnant

- Mrs. Cutie Pie Bachelorette Party
- Weight Loss Success
- My Michigan Wedding Shower

– CA Wedding Shower
- Seabisket Nickname
- Mrs. Cutie Pie Wedding
- BBS Meeting first time

- My Birthday
- Mrs. Bulldog Wedding
- Our Rogue Wedding
- Honeymoon

– Election pulled down by discrimination
- Starting Therapy
- Thanksgiving with Mr. Rogue's parents

– Company Closing
- Surprise Birthday for Ms. Dancer
- Three Christmas’s; Ms. Dancer; Ours; My Parent’s

My Bucket list of things to do before I die
1. Travel to at LEAST these countries
- Alaska
- Ireland
- Spain
- France
- England
- Russia
- China
- Japan
- Thailand
- Malaysia
- Australia
- New Zealand
- South Africa

2. I would like to have 3 or 4 kids and possibly adopt later
3. Retiring with dignity and extra money
4. Get a PhD
5. Never stop learning and growing
6. Build a dream house
7. Travel for a year when I retire
8. Do something life changing for someone else

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