Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Packing For Camping

This morning Mr. Rogue and I went to REI to go find a tent. There are a lot of variations and because of the holiday season and our lateness in getting to the store together there are more limited choices. I know my fault but we are leaving to go camping in two days and have to get the tent today, and since I am not interested in going to another store because trying to park this time of the year is about as enjoyable as going to the dentist and removing half your teeth, we will find a tent here. So since I am not leaving without one we are digging through trying to find something that will work. After 15 minutes we realize that we are scrounging in the wrong area (where there were only 2 person tents) we finally found the larger tents (I mean why buy a small tent now when we are somewhat tentatively planning a family) so looking at the larger tents they don’t really have what we need. Which is annoying, and then after digging for a half hour we finally find another section with the discount tents and score we find a tent half price that is almost exactly what we were looking for. We tucked our little bundle of joy under our arm and took it home to tuck it next to the tree.

After getting home and unpacking our gear we start to organize for our trip. Rogue is pacing between us and the door, back to us, back to the door, then sits watching us with confusion, then repeats. We are in the process of packing up all the stuff we need for our five day vacation to El Centro, boxes and bags are everywhere, his toys are packed up, his bowls, and gasp the leash is out. His anxiety and joy is tangible and as he gets in the way of everything, which I assume is his way of saying “What the fuck are you people doing.” And although to us it is patiently obvious and I have tried to explain to him that yes we are going outside, we are going in the car and YES I will leave the back windows open so you can stick your nose out and smell where we are going. But you just look at me like you don’t understand what I am saying, like you don’t understand English, sometimes I wish I could hear what you are thinking, and that is intensified in these moments.

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