Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our First Married Christmas

For the first time in my life I am spending Christmas day without family and friends but with just myself and my husband. It was really strange to not have the chaos, the people, the realities you love to see and those you wish you did not, and it was small and weird. I really enjoyed not having to get on a plane, because every year for the past 13 years I have gone somewhere other than where I was living. So it is once for once in my life not having to travel for the holidays.

I grew up having chaos for Christmas; my family could not negotiate different days for different sides of the family so we had the marathon holiday in one day. First at 6:00am, because that was the negotiated time by our parents and us kids that was the earliest we could wake them to open our gifts. After we rushed through opening our gifts we had just enough time to have breakfast and get dressed before we were rushed out the door to our second Christmas, Dad’s side of the family.

We would get to our Grandparents house at 10 usually the first people there and we would wait until everyone else showed up, which usually meant that we got to see the family except sometimes we would miss one family because someone is always late. This side of the family is quiet and subdued, conversations are held quietly, and decorum is observed.

After scooting out the door at 2:00pm we drive to the other side of town to arrive when everyone is there and waiting for us to start dinner. No one is happy that we took so long, no one is PATIENTLY WAITING, when we walk in the door it is complete chaos. After we get in the door before we even get our winter coats off food is served. This is the complete opposite of my father’s side of the family. After we eat yet another meal we open even more gifts. Nothing is quiet, nothing is orderly, everything is loud and usually we are the last to leave.

I enjoyed these Christmas’s filled with so much love and so much family. It makes me sad though that I was in LA with just Mr. Rogue and I. No snow, no family, just us. I don’t think I could miss living in Michigan but out here in California far away from all family it feels weird to not keep the tradition of my childhood. I am married and I know things are going to change and if we have kids and are out here on our island of far far away we will have to start new traditions. Moving so far away was kind of the point when I was single but now that I am getting to a different phase of my life with marriage and soon to be children I wish I were closer to family.

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