Friday, December 26, 2008

Anza Borrego: On The Road

So the plan to leave early this morning was seriously screwed from the beginning, even before the day began. We should have packed the car the day before because that chore took over an hour. Mr. Rogue should have done the hour pre-check for the car with the tires, oil, and all that other stuff before this morning. So after waking up at 10:30 and packing the car for 45 min, the showers Mr. Rogue and I took then the hour car check-up, then breakfast we finally got in the car about 12:30 to leave. I sit as the co-pilot in the passenger seat and Mr. Rogue jumps into the driver’s seat and turns on the ignition only to find out that the battery is dead. Dead due to the fact that in his obsessive, “Must get the car ready for the long trip”, mode he filled the tires using the power from the car, ineffectively draining the battery because he forgot to turn the car on. By the time we got the jumper cables, positioned the cars, and jumped the car another half hour had passed. At least we were now finally able to successfully leave. It is now 1:00pm, we have a four hour drive and mother is expecting us for dinner. At least traffic god loved us and the expressways were pretty light.

Midway through our trip we need gas, as you inevitably run out after hours of driving. We turned off at a reasonably looking stop and drove around looking for a gas station we were almost out and had waited to the absolute last minute to refill. Now I know this would be considered a heinous crime in the country, but this is the city, and there are stations EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately for us we ended up in some alternate universe. We drove and drove and then we had to keep driving some more because to turn around would DEFINATLY mean that we would be stranded without gas because there was NOTHING behind us. Somehow in our desperate search we ended up in the Stepford wives complex. And let me tell you all these wives must drive electric cars and be way cooler than me because we can’t find a gas station anywhere. We drive until we get to critical low gas gageness, and then we drive further until the gas gage is in the negative. Finally we stop and ask for directions to the nearest station, we are directed a mile away and we were let in on the secret that to find the stations you had to go up behind the stores. These crazy town laws keep the streets clean and the gas stations tucked out of sight behind trees and up far past stores. WTF, I mean yea it is nicer to drive down the streets and see the beautiful landscaping but when you outlaw signs to tell people where things are then how the hell are customers from out of town supposed to consume.

Getting over the gas episode and getting further from the city I sat back to drink in the scenery, the buildings crept away, the smog lifted, the mountains came in and I felt the sky open up and accept my city obsessed soul.

Because I am practical or because there was a niggling of doubt that the obviously not so intelligent person I talked to at the campsite may of screwed up our reservations, I called the campsite just to be sure everything was ok, much to my dismay I found that the campsite was actually an RV park where we could pitch a tent only on a concrete slab. I spent the next hour calling every campground in the area and while on hold cursing the hag at the RV site who took my original reservation three weeks ago when I was in front of a computer and could find a new place to stay easier. In the end after calling my friend Mrs. Ivy League for help because the operators I kept getting at information rode the short bus to school we went to plan C which would be to go to a hotel, and because I am out of work and we have a dog our choices are pretty limited. We ended up at Motel 6, I know say ewwww with me and silently bow your head in pity for just a moment before you break out in great loud soul shaking laughter. After checking in and dropping off all our stuff at the hotel we headed off to Sunbeam RV campground to see my parents.

I love them so much, walking in the door I almost cried, but after getting all the gifts under the tree and sitting down to the table I did cry, mom made lasagne, a fresh picked (mom picked it herself) salad, and homemade chocolate cake, YUMMM. After we finished/gorged ourselves we moved on to opening presents. Mom and dad had given us money to buy a tent, a tent that was large enough for my husband, Rogue and I with room to grow with kids. A tent sadly we are not going to get to use on this trip as we hoped we would. It is so nice to sit around with family, with a full belly, and seep in the love in the room.

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