Friday, December 19, 2008

The Madness Of Cost Co

There is a Mecca of wonderful oversized packages of 7lb meats, cheeses that weigh more than I do, 40 rolls of toilet paper, and my squirrel like heart who loves to store and save and get the best bang for my buck loves the wonderful land of Cost Co, however the sweet nectar of such a place attracts other bees, or senile crazy people who are much worse then the LA traffic I have to put up with on my drive into work. At least in traffic as the driver next to me, who just happens to be holding a conference call and juggling a laptop and papers while driving, swerves into my lane and almost takes me out, at least there is a couple hundred lbs of steel and rubber between me and the outside world. In the open halls of the store as people juggle overflowing super sized supplies and careen wildly around corners I barley save my fingers and toes from getting severed off. I mean pay attention people we are all in this shit heap together, we are all having to get holiday shopping done, I mean it is CHRISTMAS for Christ’s sake take a minute and spread the cheer as you wait your damn turn. I feel like herded cattle enough in here without adding your bad shopping-cart-driving to my list of shit I have to deal with today.

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