Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Anza Borrego: Going Home

We woke up today and the temperature was colder than ever, at 45 degrees, and my not so young back protested at the night I had on the hard ground. It is always sad leaving anyplace that you had so much fun in, I will miss my parents, miss the open air, BUT I want my super comfy bed, and my house with its heat. We were very efficient in our tent taking down/packing the car up as quickly as possible duties. As the car was finally packed I glanced around our clean campsite and wished that although we had a few hardships we could have stayed a few more days. I had tried to persuade Mr. Rogue for at least one more day but he was NOT having it.

We got to mom and dads campsite to hang out for a while before heading home. Rogue, our Rottweiler is not allowed in the trailer, my father has an allergy so I had him tied up outside on his outdoor long leash. Because there are not many things that are strong enough to hold a 100lb dog from going where he wants to I attached the end of the leash to my fathers tail hitch on his new truck. After visiting for a while and getting fortified with mom’s omelettes we decided to go on a walk around the campsite lake. As we exited the trailer and I went to get Rogue onto his walking leash my father exclaimed in horror at a HUGE gouge in his brand new truck, a gouge that it took us a few minutes to figure out how it got there. As far as we can tell Rogue, who is not used to being leashed, had gotten his leash wrapped around one of the lawn chairs which then he proceeded to drag and gouge right into the truck. The chair was folded and leaned perfectly next to the gash as though someone had gently leaned it against the car. I was chagrined that my animal had created the damage and I imagine that this is what it feels like to have kids, to not only have be responsible for your own actions but now to be responsible for other actions you had NOTHING to do with. I offered to pay for the damage but my father, having had three kids already, was used to the fact that nothing stays perfect forever and refused help. He is so wonderful, all he said is that his father had hit the car and put the first scratch on and my dog had caused the second so now he will always think of me and my grandpa when he sees the damage on his car. As we drive away I can’t help but be sad at leaving however the first thing I do when I get home will be to jump into the temper-pedic and not stay there for at least 15 hours.

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