Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First Night of Christmas

I don’t have any family members in LA other than my aunt and uncle who I rarely get to see and don’t know very well but I do have a family here of wonderful friends that make the holidays special. Today we met for games, appetizers, pizza, and presents; so many of my favourite things. There is something awsome about having people in your life that are not blood relatives that you CHOOSE to be part of your family. There is no weird Uncle Sal that you feel like you have to invite to the party just people that you love and like and that don’t drive you completely crazy for the most part.

Here is a photo of what I got.

1. Juicy Diamond Ring Key Chain
2. Aldo Leg Warmers
3. Red Hoodie
4. Aldo Pearl Purple Grey Scarf
5. Green Loofa
6. Orange, Chamolimine & Honey Body Scrub
7. Pink Stripped PJ Pants and Pink Top
8. Mint Lip Balm
9. Aldo Pearl Flower Ring
10. Aldo Bronze Pearl Earrings
11. Moleskin Blank Notebook
12. Pink Lace Panties

My two favourite gifts are:
The Juicy Diamond Ring Key Chain

Aldo Pearl Flower Ring

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