Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Day Of Baking

I was a good little girl growing up, but I was not when it came to anything domestic, it was like if I succumbed then I was doomed to be a housewife instead of the career woman I dreamed myself to be. When I was a child, I was not in the kitchen with my mother learning to cook and to bake. My mother despaired of me ever being able to cook anything more than macaroni and cheese. When I moved away and went to college I lived on fast food and takeout from the restaurants I worked/lived at. Once I graduated from college and started getting a little bit older, baking and cooking started becoming more important to me, and the recipes that my mother and my grandmother and their mothers before them became so much more important.

The chocolate chip cookies, the date nut and spice cake, the pumpkin bread and the raisin bread, when I make the recipes of my childhood I will always think about these wonderful women, particularly the Raisin bread. Unfortunately with less women staying home, less home cooked meals eaten, there is little opportunity for the recipes of our ancestors to be passed down from mother to daughter and the saddest part is centuries of recipes are going to die out with our generation. So many recipes will be lost to our young not getting the information to pass on to the next generation. I think we are going to lose a lot of our history.

I have made this Raisin bread recipe with my mother and my grandmother; it was a wonderful time spent up north in the kitchen with three generations of women. It takes 9 hours to make and you only get 4-6 loaves, quite a lot of work for something that you say I can pick up at the grocery store for 4 bucks, however the taste is heaven and I am sure the hours of labour only makes it better.

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