Monday, December 29, 2008

Anza Borrego: Crisp Morning

I climbed out of my warm cocooned sleeping bag to the crisp morning air and I am torn between being happy that I am connecting with nature and cursing the hard packed ground with that strategically placed stone in particular that gouged a crater the size of Miami in my back. After I got my morning diet coke I felt much better.

When my parents arrived we headed off to find the location of the pictorial drawings that my mother had seen on the map and that she deemed is what we were going to try to find. We were met with many mishaps in trying to find the right road. There was the worry that in this 66,000 sq mile park we could potentially run out of gas and never get out. There was the fact that my father, sitting in the back seat, did not want to be in the car for ANY length of time. And there was the problem that none of us could use the map, which was horribly out of scale and not very detailed, hence useless to us. After stopping at the only building on the road we had seen in the past 45 minutes and after I had spent 20 minutes talking to a very nice and VERY lonely woman who was interested in telling me the past of the town when all I wanted were directions to the elusive pictorial drawings I finally managed to get the correct directions and we were able to find the general area of the drawings. Unfortunately that general area resulted in an hour and thirty minute hike without finding the pictorial drawings but I could not help but be happy. We were out in the open non-smog filled air and we were able to see some amazing vistas. I was happy to be here with my husband, happy to be with my parents, and happy that my dog was ecstatically soaking up his time of freedom from fences and leashes.

I was actually a bit worried bringing Rogue on this trip and although I was hoping I would not need a backup plan I scheduled a border that could watch him if there were any issues. Rottweiler’s, which Rogue is a mix of, get such a bad rap. Even though Rogue is one of the best trained well behaved dogs I know I still get people who are terrified of the breed and there are times when we have been denied entrance to parks or hotels where other dogs are greeted in welcome. I was also worried about how my parent’s dog, Mr. Baby Sweetheart, a tiny 7lb Maltese, would react to him because they have never met and like any two people you shove into a room they may just not like each other and may try to even hurt each other. Also because I am told Mr. Baby Sweetheart does not like big dogs. Hey I don’t really blame him, if I met another person 13 times my weight who wanted to either eat me or constantly sniff my butt I think I would be a little hesitant to make friends and play nice.

My fears were groundless; Baby Sweetheart after an initial 10 minute introduction barking fit of hysteria where I thought he was going to hyperventilate spent our entire week adventure attached at the hip like Me and Mini me. With Rogue tolerating the small ball of fur that bounded after him and Baby Sweetheart infatuated with all Rogue did they made a very odd adorable couple, the big Rottweiler and the tiny Maltese.

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