Monday, December 22, 2008

Auditory Obsession

There are songs that you hear, that you immediately purchase, and then play over and over and over and over and over again, until you know every syllable every lyric, every rhyme, and even once you memorize every detail you play it some more for days, weeks or however long it takes to work the song out of your system. That is the gage of a great song for me, when I become an addict a slave to the song. So I have a play list on my IPod, a play list that I am not allowed to listen to unless I am wearing earphones OR alone. Those are the two stipulations that have been ruled down from my husband.

Circus; Britney Spears
9 Crimes; Damien Rice
Colorblind; Counting Crows
Santa Maria; Gotan Project
Feeling Love; City of Angeles
Beauty; Dru Hill
El Tango De Roxanne; Moulin Rouge
The Fragile; Nine Inch Nails
Terra Firma; Tomb Raider
Gravity; Little Voice
No Air; Jordin Sparks
I Kissed a Girl; Katy Perry
Before He Cheats; Carrie Underwood
American Boy; Estelle
1 Crush; Garbage
Pretty Piece of Flesh; One Inch Pound
Talk Show Host; Radiohead

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