Saturday, December 27, 2008

Anza Borrego Desert State Park

This morning we were off to explore the Anza Borrego Desert State Park and the plan went a bit awry when directions were confused and we ended up driving 30 miles out of the way and had to turn around to come back. After 2 hours in the car we finally made it on the right road and into the park. Much to our surprise we realized that you could camp in the park, dogs were allowed and it was only 30 miles from my parents. We decided to check out of Motel 6 in the morning and go camping. Hurray!

The park was desolate, desert climate surrounded by rolling mountains, peppered with sparse vegetation mostly just brush and cactuses. The foreground was sand and mostly browns, the background of the hills were blues and purples.

But if you look close you can see the beauty of this rugged climate, all 22,000 acres of it. Here are some of my favourite photos.

After a long day hiking we came back to the RV for dinner. Dad grilled Salmon and mom made brussel sprouts. After dinner we watched one of my favourite movies, Atonement. The acting is superior, the storyline is interesting, the directing and the way the movie unfolds is amazing. Not everyone loved it the way I did, it was a bit depressing, but I think the sad story is more true to life then some of this happily ever after drivel Hollywood keeps shoving down our throats.

After the movie we were sitting around talking when suddenly the RV started shaking, at first we thought someone was stealing a bike or trying to yank something off the RV, but we knew something was not right. Dogs were barking, the ornaments were swaying, and dad went outside to investigate. When he came in to announce that there was no one out there, no bear, not even wind that is when I knew we had had a mini earthquake. Mr. Rogue jumped online to double-check and viola an earthquake originating in Mexicali at 9:17PM. It was a smaller earthquake basically felt like a strong wind had just shook us a little bit. I would rather be shaken by an earthquake then encounter the bear.

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