Monday, October 26, 2015

My Little Rose: 3 Months Old (13 Weeks)

I am so grateful to be home again. Seriously SO GREATFUL!!!!! Traveling with two little babies without my husband has been incredibly difficult. We survived but my poor body and soul are exhausted. At home with separate rooms for at least your brother, with our diaper changing station, stuff, room and toys and then add in my husband’s help… it is just so much easier. And daddy is SO happy to have us all home again, in particular his number one little girl.





As an added bonus to being so thankful to be home the first night we were home you immediately started sleeping better and I know it’s because you were back in a familiar place and more comfortable.










This week, since you are already used to sleeping in so many different situations from the trip, I decided to start to get you acclimated to your room a little bit. During the day when we are home for your nap I am now putting you to sleep in your own room. Of course I am glued to the baby monitor the entire time you are sleeping worried that you will somehow flip over (even though you aren’t rolling yet) and suffocate. You look so tiny in that great big bed. And of course you had no trouble sleeping. You are like your mama like that, you can sleep anywhere.




You are really starting to coo and chat. Of course its hard to actually get it on video. I sort of got something cute this week. Life is so BUSY right now and its hard to slow down and really appreciate the little wonderful things going on.

Of course just because we are back home doesn’t mean that we arent still running around. A few park dates, a couple errands and following your brother to some of his classes.





You are becoming a little more demanding lately, either waking and immediately wanting to be picked up or going from not hungry at all to STARVING. You are also sleeping and eating way more this week. I am thinking all of this is tied into a growth spurt.



Your daddy went into the attic this week to put some of the baby clothes up that you are no longer fitting in and to grab down a bunch of things that you are now ready for. I pulled out the floor play yard for you this week and you are loving it. Of course your brother wanted to check out what you thought was so awesome.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Daddy is Home at Last

I am used to my husband’s schedule at work. We have been together 11 years after all. He has this crazy cyclical schedule at work. Every other year, or every third year they ship a product. The year of the shipment is an insane crazy schedule. Each shipment year is getting harder and harder, particularly now that we have two tiny humans.



But I am not going to think about all the hard right now. The hard months of being super pregnant and running after a high energy toddler. Of giving birth to our daughter, of getting surgery and recovering from that surgery. All the late night feedings and early morning breakfasts with my toddler. It has been more than rough.


But now Mr. Rogue is home on break. His product has shipped. The crunch and crazy hours are over. He has five straight weeks off of work. Five glorious, wonderful, fabulous weeks.

Life is Good!




Saturday, October 24, 2015

You Scratch my Back, I Will Scratch Yours

Ms. Tiny started helping with the kids in September and then she was over so much, and between places to stay, and we have a spare bedroom. It started incidentally enough, she just stayed over the nights she was helping late, or came over the night before an early start. But then she slowly started staying more and more. Her stuff started filling the spare bedroom.


With Mr. Rogue working all the time, with my c-scetion, with how hard it is with my Little Cricket and keeping him busy I could really use the help more than just the initial month that Ms. Tiny and I agreed on. So we sat down and had a serious conversation about how it is going. Thankfully it is working out for all of us. Ms. Tiny loves my kids, and well they just adore her too. So we agreed that for the time being she can officially live with us, she will continue helping with the kids until at least after December. I need someone to watch Mr. Rogue when we are out of town for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. And then after Christmas just take it as it comes. Eventually she will get another job as an RN. But for now we are all happy.

On her end she asked that the closet be cleaned out a bit to fit more of her stuff, and she asked for a shelf in the kitchen for her food. I spent the rest of the day getting the room cleaned up from more space. Win, wins don’t happen often and when they do I scoop them up and hug them to me with both hands.



Friday, October 23, 2015

Mr. Bones in Culver City

Getting out of the house with two little kids is hard. I can tell you it’s been a rough couple days. But the memories. We are making memories here. And I love Halloween. I want my kids to feel the joy of Halloween. So we are going. I’m just going to have an extra shot of caffeine first. We headed to the pumpkin patch to meet some of our mom friends. Taking two kids out together is hard. My Little Cricket was running around like crazy, and managing a stroller rolling over straw was a mess. And then it was super fun and adorable. And then it was a mess.









That’s how it is with parenting though. I am exhausted, dragging and trying to just make it through the next twenty minutes. And then I am full with the most wonderful awesome energy and my heart feels like it is going to burst with JOY. The ying, the yang it is constant and crazy and beautiful.





It’s often hard to get out of the door but when I finally get to where I am going I always have a blast and the kids did too. We picked out pumpkins, and pet adorable little animals, my Little Cricket got his face painted which he TOTALLY LOVED and we attempted to take photos (unsuccessfully) in the pumpkin patch. We stayed until sunset, my Little Cricket giggling with his friends running through pumpkins, their clothes and hair full of hay. It was an awesome day.