Friday, December 9, 2016

BBQ at Our House

Mr. Rogue has a friend that just moved into town, I have my parents here visiting, and so we threw together a quick little impromptu bbq with the people we love. Small, intimate and fun with friends. And a crazy photo of me, because I am never in any of the photos.










Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: JASPER Mommy and Me 5: Imitation and Modeling

Imitation is the highest form of flattery and it also helps build your spontaneous play skills. It shows a child that you are interested in their ideas, gives confidence, and it keeps the momentum of the play going. It is important to imitate an appropriate gesture, idea of play or word choice. If the play starts getting stagnant then it is an excellent opportunity to model some appropriate play skills. Most importantly modeling gives a child ideas on how to expand the play with toys.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: UCLA Autism Sibling Study – My Little Rose’s 6 Month Results

I got the results today from My Little Rose’s UCLA Autism study participation. Although I haven’t seen anything to do with her development that I would consider untypical I still was overjoyed that our participation in this study would allow professionals to double-check her development. Her results came back typical. Although that doesn’t mean that later My Little Rose could show signs of autism at least this is a good start.

On the Mullen Scales of Early Learning (MSEL) a cognitive test that evaluates a child’s developmental level with emphasis on language, motor and perceptual abilities. Her:

1. motor skills were good and on par with her age. She could sit up by pulling herself up with my fingers, she could shift her weight and reach for a toy, and she could pass a block from hand to hand. Gross motor and fine motor scores were given as 6 months.

2. visual reception was normal. She was able to pull on a cord to obtain a disc attached and she was able to turn a cup right side up. Visual reception score was given as 7 months.

3. Language development was normal. She turned to make eye contact with examiner when she said ‘hi baby’. she showed interest with herself in a mirror. She engaged in single syllable babble strings like ‘dadadada’ and played with sounds like ‘ooooo’ and ‘ah-goo’. She also showed enjoyment when playing peek a boo with mother. Receptive language was scored at 5 months and expressive language was scored at 7 months.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: The Schedule

Today was our first day of Physical Therapy. I love how this is very similar to Occupational Therapy. My Little Cricket thrives in this environment; play with lots of physical exercise. They spent time swinging on a trapeze swing, threw balls of sticky suctions onto glass walls, blew bubbles while bouncing on a therapy ball and so much more.




Yesterday I met with the Psychologist at the ABA Company and she seems confident that we can find a therapist that helps my Little Cricket. I am still nervous about ABA therapy but I am hoping of finding a perfect for us therapist. It is the last piece to our therapy puzzle. Once I find an ABA therapist I love then the schedule for now at least will be complete.


Mostly, I have the need for more. More education, more acceptance, more answers, more help, more patience, more awareness, more time, more therapies, more advocacy, more support. I need so much more than I ever planned I would ever need. As each layer gets added on I feel more confident that I can do this and do it well.

Monday, March 7, 2016

My Little Rose: My Little Rose: 32 Weeks Old

You are the most awesome little girl in the whole wide world. You sleep when you are tired. You eat when you are hungry. You hardly ever cry. You love to cuddle and you are always smiling. Your needs are simple and your problems are oh so easily solved. I swear you understand me in a way I have never been understood before. And you have come at such a perfect time in my life where I need things to be simple. I love you, and you love me back. You are my buddy that just wants to nap and cuddle. It is SO MUCH GOOD, and island of good in a rough sea of big hard things. You are the respite from those hard things. A respite that I desperately need.








Of course its not all roses and moonbeams. You tend to wear more food than you actually eat. You are still working on the swallowing. You love to stick your tounge out. So far you love peaches and bananas and blueberries but you aren’t too crazy about the avacados.



This week we went shopping with grandma at the mall. Just us girls. I just love all your facial expressions. You are so super expressive. You get super happy, jaw dropped mouth wide open, and then you get these super serious expressions; like you are trying to figure it all out. Your brow furrows and you stare so intently.




You are sleeping well and I am getting more relaxed about you sleeping on your stomach. However I am noticing that you are getting pretty reliant on your bottle when it is time to sleep. Over the next few weeks I want to slowly and gently work on getting the bottle a little further from your bedtime routine until we can get you able to fall asleep without it.





Have I mentioned that I love you, have I mentioned that you are loud.




Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Everyone Has to Make Sacrifices

With this diagnosis many things have changed in our lives. Our free open lifestyle of adventure and fun has now moved to a more scheduled routine life of therapies and specialists. I always knew that I would have to pull back on us traveling so often; I just thought we had several more years before school schedules and extracurricular activities took us into that direction. Since early intervention in helping children with ASD is key, and since keeping my Little Cricket focused on his therapies is so important during these young critical years I have decided that we are going to stop traveling for a while. I had several trips planned for this year already:

March – a Michigan trip to visit my grandparents and introducing my Little Rose to them
July – a family Myrtle Beach trip
September – a Pittsburgh trip to visit Ms. Pool Shark and see her sweet new baby girl due soon
October – visit my brother his wife and their little boy

The only trip we decided to keep was our family trip to Myrtle beach in July, because everyone needs a break and a single week won’t make that much difference.

As for the rest my heart is breaking. Traveling is what I love to do most in the world. But taking a few years off won’t kill me. There are still many many years left to travel. I am hoping that the sacrifice will give my son the best chance at excelling.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

BBBS: When you Call Me, I am There

My Little, my crazy hormonal little from Big Brothers Big Sisters. She is in love, she is ready to run away with some punk boy. She wants to have his baby. She thinks that this will last forever. And she is ready to go. Her mom called me in a panic. I have too much on my plate already, but the universe didn’t ask if I wanted more. Instead I drove over, I talked to Ms. Little. I tried to instill some sense in her head and heart. And then I had a very long talk with her mom. About focusing on two things, getting her on birth control and having her finish high school. Two goals! A few days later I went back and took the girls out. We went to lunch, and then we went to 100 different places to fill out job applications. A girl who is working and in school full time has LESS free time to think about and hang out with boys.

Hoping that my influence helps. I hope to god she finishes high school at least.


Friday, March 4, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: JASPER Mommy and Me 4: It’s all in the Play

One of the many reasons why I love JASPER for my Little Cricket is because it is first and foremost a play based therapy. And also because it has structure, something traditional floor time models lack. All children learn through play, and why should children with ASD be any different. Today at JASPER Mommy and Me we learned all about play. Play can help children learn how to socialize, can help build language; can help problem solving skills and imagination. What children with ASD have the hardest time with though is learning how to be spontaneous in their imaginative play. The goal of JASPER is to increase the diversity, frequency and complexity of each individual child’s play level.

I found today’s topic on the 16 different levels of play, from functional to simple play, from symbolic thematic play to pretending to be superman. The most beneficial information yet; I could in essence find where my sons play level is and then try and work toward helping him achieve higher levels of play.